TEGA-BAU group

TEGA-Bau Kft. was established in 2003. The company was founded by Hungarian construction industry engineers with the goal of offering high quality structural engineering services for the clients in the condominium construction field.
In 2007 we started the continuous expansion of our services in the MONOLITHIC REINFORCED STEEL STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING field: floor additions, inner city office buildings, hotels, civil engineering works, hospitals, the construction of commercial establishments, furthermore we are proud to have built three stations on the Metro 4 subway line.
Our favorable offer prices and engineering expertise provide a stable foundation for our competitiveness. By continuing commercial housing development during the economic crisis, we’ve achieved significant results in many construction industry fields, and in recognition thereof we received the Construction Industry Award of Excellence in 2014. To ensure the uninterrupted work on investment projects the specialist team of TEGA-BAU group comprises of 9 engineers and about 70 construction workers. This is complemented by a few permanent subcontractors. All in all, around 190 employees are working on construction projects. Nowadays we primarily work on the custom turnkey construction of 50-90 apartment condominiums, the above ground structural engineering of industrial monolithic reinforced concrete civil works, and the reconstruction of family homes and apartments. Our services also include the technical inspection of completed projects, as well as technical site management.


Our Partners:

ACMINEUS Építő Kft., A-HÍD Építő Zrt., Amerikai Nemzetközi Iskola Nagykovácsi, Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. Győr, Balusztrád Kivitelező Zrt., Bamco Alagút- És Metróépitő Közkereseti Társaság, BANKTRADE Banktechnika Kft., Belvárosi Építő Kft., COLAS ALTERRA Zrt., Építő Zrt., HBM Kft., Hérosz Építőipari ZRt., Hídépítő Zrt., Laki Épületszobrász Zrt., Mercedes Daimler lakópark Kecskemét, Nanette Construction Hungary Kft., Pannonhalmi Főapátság, Progress-B 90 Zrt., RENESZÁNSZ Kőfaragó Zrt., ROYAL-BAU ÉPÍTŐIPARI KIVITELEZŐ Zrt., STRABAG Épitő Zrt., Swietelsky Magyarország Kft., UNIX Autóalkatrészek, Nyíregyházi Ipari Park LEGO Manufacturing Kft., Nemzetközi Vegyépszer Zrt.