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Above and underground
Subway – Hotel – Civil works

Our dedication guarantees that our work is uninterrupted
and always of the highest quality. Take a look at the
SUBWAY – HOTEL construction projects that were
realized with the expertise of the TEGA-BAU group!

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Subway – Hotel – Civil works

Develop your properties in Budapest with our company!

The two biggest values of the group are finding solutions
to complex structural and condominium construction tasks
that require significant engineering work and their subsequent execution.

We are looking forward to working with investors,
local governments and private individuals!

Reinforced concrete currently
used by TEGA-BAU m3/year:
40.000 m3 – 80.000 m3

Our competitive offer prices and engineering expertise,
as well as our reliable performance all serve as the
foundation for our competitiveness. You can browse our
current projects by clicking on the picture.

How can we help? Don’t hesitate to call us! Contact the contractor directly!
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